I read somewhere today that in the interest of keeping your mind positive, you should list three good things about your life each day. So I've started this, somewhat private (meaning that I'm not going to link to it anywhere...but you're certainly welcome to come and read it) blog for that purpose. Every day I will try to list three good things about my life that day, or about my life in general.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

More simple pleasures

1. Watching MGM musicals from the 40s on TCM all day today, as I work, those silly showcase musicals purporting to the biography of some song writer. But most of them included Judy Garland in the cast, and that's always fun.

2. The antics of the 3 little dogs have been a total joy today, especially Buttercup's claiming an empty shelf in the CD bookcase as a bed.

3. Meeting a good friend we haven't seen in years for dinner.

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