I read somewhere today that in the interest of keeping your mind positive, you should list three good things about your life each day. So I've started this, somewhat private (meaning that I'm not going to link to it anywhere...but you're certainly welcome to come and read it) blog for that purpose. Every day I will try to list three good things about my life that day, or about my life in general.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Oooo...new toys

1. FINALLY ordering a faux DSLR and even doing it up front, telling Walt I was ordering it. Planning to go on walks around town and elsewhere, learning how to use the camera and getting my body in better shape for China.

2. Such amazing support from Internet friends on my dust-up with XXXXX re my mother's deteriorating condition. People are so kind and so helpful!

3. Planning to buy supplies for the Viking school we are going to visit on our trip to China. Very excited about that!

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